Biju Balan

Born in Pathanamthitta, Balan graduated in architecture in TKM College of engineering Kollam under Kerala University. During his study he got opportunity to do internship in Stapati with Ar. Tony Joseph, which eventually made his career to start in Calicut Town. Balan’s professional career begins in 2002. Known for his single family houses in all over Kerala, his work encompasses many other building types including schools, resorts, and sacred spaces. Along his work he teaches extensively in giving lectures and seminars. Since the beginning of his career his work has been recognized by the State and has been honoured with national level awards. His works especially residences noted for its revolutionary open concept with nature involving trees and plants inside the house in courtyards along with sustainable approaches respecting climate and rain water harvesting in the land itself. His own house ‘chaman’ recognized with national award in 2015 which brought a great shift in his design approach to use natural materials in a recyclable way to reduce concrete and other artificial materials. Balan now practices all over Kerala, other states in South India and in Sultanate of Oman.